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About www.txt2day.com

Since 2005 txt2day has been allowing anybody to send free text messages from their computer to a phone. Txt2day is totally free! There's no hidden charges. We don't call you or text you with promotional messages, nor do share your information with anybody.

Txt2day continues to innovate every day too! We don't just offer the MySpace text message form - we invented it! Have we become friends on facebook yet? Add us to facebook. In addition to offering more cell phone providers than any other site, we also provide the lookup provider feature for those times when you just don't know.

So whether you're over your message limit, stuck at school, hate typing on that tiny keyboard, or just can't find your phone, you can still text with confidence. Text the txt2day way - the free way!

We own and operate a few other niche SMS sites. Visit our main site at www.freetext.biz and find out more about our SMS Reminders, Text-A-Flirt and Thumb Care sites.

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